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Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips

The more money you raise, the more animals you help! And you also have a chance to win awesome prizes!

Tips for Soliciting Donations for the Animals:

  • Make the ask personal. Why does this cause matter to you? Tell them why it’s important to you before you ask them to donate.
  • Remember that no amount is too small.
  • Start with those who you know will be willing to support you and use these experiences and successes to build momentum.
  • Who are your potential prospects? Think of relatives (parents, children, grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles), work acquaintances (bosses, co-workers, vendors, clients), associates from group activities (teammates, coaches, classmates, gym buddies), members of your church/spiritual gathering, neighbors, friends, local relationships (hair stylist, dentist, doctor).
  • Make it easy for them to donate. Share your personalized online fundraising page that was created for you when you registered for the Howl-O-Ween Walkathon. This way they can easily donate online. Or you can collect donated cash and turn it in on the day of the event.
  • Use your social networks. Post a link to your fundraising page on your social networks and ask your connections to support you and the animals.
  • Send out an email with a link to your personalized fundraising page. Did you know that sending an email with the link is one of the most successful ways to get donations?
  • Always remember to say thank you and make that person feel special. They are special because they donated to help the animals! And remember that you are special because you are working on behalf of the animals, thank YOU!

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